Derbyshire spirit

Dean Wallace, Derbyshire's director of public health, stated that people have been "summoning the famous Derbyshire spirit" in following coronavirus rules to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. He said that he is proud of how our communities have supported one another through this epidemic.
Wakes dividend
Tideswell Wakes Festivities has been chosen as one of the latest organisations to benefit from the Co-op Local Community Fund. When Co-op members buy certain products and services a contribution is made to the fund. Choose to support Tideswell Wakes by visiting
Churches together
Services other than funerals have been suspended again and Tideswell's parish churches are not yet in a position to confirm Christmas services, although plans are being made. Meanwhile, St John the Baptist continues to be open daily for private prayer on behalf of Churches Together and a Zoom online service happens every Sunday at noon.
Helping the homeless
Everything given to High Peak Homeless Help, whether money, food or clothing, makes a real difference. By giving a little, a lot can be achieved, organisers said. To arrange to donate, the email address is or telephone Cath Sterndale on 07973 670595.
County wants to know
Derbyshire County Council wants residents to have their say on its budget and service levels through a new survey called "Your Council Your Voice". It can be completed online at or a paper copy is available by ringing 01629 533190. People taking part have the chance to win £100 of shopping vouchers in a free draw.

The Village Voice cover-date December was not published because of coronavirus lockdown factors. Instead, a news bulletin was emailed to those listed for electronic copies of the magazine. The above is a summary of some items in the December bulletin.


Never to be forgotten
front page
The magazine reproduced "In Flanders Fields", a First World War poem written in memory of a soldier who died in battle near the town of Ypres, Belgium. Tideswell and its nearest neighbours lost 75 men in that cruel conflict. Across all nations, around 20 million died.
More roads funding page 3
Over the next 18 months Derbyshire County Council will spend £40 million on roads and pavements. Extra funding has been pledged by the government for maintenance, including the filling of potholes. Contained in the schedule are urgent repairs to bridges, plus 21 replacement sets of traffic lights.
Crafts and gifts page 7
Tideswell's Christmas Fair in the Cathedral of the Peak cannot go ahead but church members and friends are making crafts and seasonal gifts. A sales table will be in St John's from Saturday November 14th and all money raised is destined for church funds.
Library enthusiasm page 14
Volunteers who hope to take over the running of Tideswell Library from Derbyshire County Council are as enthusiastic as ever, in spite of delays. All of the preliminary paperwork to provide the future library with legal status and a detailed business plan have been completed, ready to go to the County Council.
Energy vouchers page 24
Homeowners in the Peaks and Dales can apply for vouchers that will cover around two-thirds of the cost of specific energy saving improvements, to a maximum of £5,000 per household and up to £10,000 for those on low incomes and in receipt of eligible benefits.

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Record numbers use Monsal Trail
front page
Multi-use and free from traffic, the Monsal Trail through Millers Dale and past Litton Mill and Cressbrook has attracted a record number of visitors this summer. The former railway line, stretching 8.5 miles from Blackwell to Bakewell, was used by an average 2,000 people per day.
Tideswell has a butcher's shop again page 4
Tideswell has a butcher's shop once more. Keepers Cottage Organics opened in the former NT Gibbs premises at the start of September. Keepers Cottage is offering organically reared poultry, pork and lamb. The shop had been closed for more than two years after a serious fire.
Single healthcare records page 10
Joined Up Care Derbyshire is developing a system for county-wide shared healthcare records. It will involve a single electronic record per patient, accessed easily and securely. Aims include improving health data and analysis, removing existing barriers and making it all patient-friendly.
Libraries opening up page 24
All but one of Derbyshire County Council's 45 public libraries were due to open by September 30th at the latest. Tideswell Library was on a list of eight to go back into service on September 21st. Covid-19 precautions will be in place until further notice.
Tell the Post Office page 30
Tideswell Parish Council has urged people to help with its support for a new Post Office in the village. Post Office HQ sent out an update indicating that it must be clear that any opportunity would be sustainable. The public's views can be expressed by emailing to

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Rare bearded vulture
front page
With its huge wingspan of well over nine feet, the magnificent bearded vulture is the largest bird of prey ever seen in the Peak District National Park. It has been here for most of the summer, probably arriving from the Alps.
More money for youth projects page 4
An extra £220,000 is being made available by Derbyshire County Council to support community groups, clubs and charities working with young people aged up to 19, or up to 25 if disabled. There is no ceiling to the amount that can be requested.
Tideswell to Jerusalem pages 16 & 17
Tideswell's Gillian White and Margaret Filer have been part of "Just Walk", joining in with volunteers from around Britain to travel "virtually" to Jerusalem, raising money for Christian rights charity Amos Trust to distribute to people in Palestine. Gillian and Margaret raised nearly £1,000 through their efforts.
Carbon neutral village page 21
Guest speaker at the next meeting of Tideswell & District Environment Group will be Kate Harrison from Ashton Hayes, the Cheshire village that has set itself the target of being the first in the country to become entirely carbon neutral. It's likely that the meeting will be via Zoom video.
Rural crime increase page 28
Insurer NFU Mutual has published its 2020 Rural Crime Report, which reveals that there has been a crime rise of 7.8% in the East Midlands. In particular, experienced gangs are targeting high value tractors, quad bikes and livestock.

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Keeping you posted
front page
It has been confirmed by management at H&D Bistro, planning to relaunch Tideswell Post Office, that the postal authorities have returned to duty after lockdown and arrangements could start to be progressed again shortly.
Tideswell cares page 3
The Tideswell Covid-19 Mutual Aid Group number of volunteers has topped 100, supporting local people who telephone for help. Shopping, collecting prescriptions, dog walking, odd jobs and much more have been on the busy agenda.
Councillor numbers likely to be cut page 9
A report by Derbyshire Dales District Council has recommended to the Electoral Commission that the number of elected councillors should be reduced from 39 to 34. The changes are linked to loss of council responsibilities after the transfer of the housing stock and outsourcing of other functions.
Church window will be dedicated page 21
Cressbrook's St John the Evangelist has an exquisite new stained glass window, which will be formally dedicated once the church is fully open again. The window was designed and donated by local artist Jeff Perks and made by stained glass craftsman Dave Griffin.
Event cancellations page 28
Two of Tideswell's most popular annual events, "Last Night of the Proms" and "Bonfire & Fireworks", have been stopped because of the coronavirus situation. Organisers said that both will be back next year, with a bang of drums and the bang of rockets.

Returned to print after three months of pandemic lockdown, this month's
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JULY 2020

Wild about flowers

Tideswell Parish Council has agreed to work with Tideswell & District Environment Group (TDEG) to identify places for wild flowers and ensure that they are cared for. Lynn Crowe represented TDEG's wildlife project group at June's Parish Council meeting, via Zoom. She told members that numbers of wild flowers in the UK are in steep decline, to the serious detriment of insects, bees and butterflies. Lynn said: "There are things we can do about it. As well as encouraging more wild flowers in our own gardens, we should think about better ways of managing public spaces and roadside verges to improve them for wildlife."
Glasses for lions
Last month it was reported that you can recycle your old spectacles, cases and hearing aids through Tideswell Pharmacy. What happens next? The glasses are collected by Matlock Derwent Valley Lions. They forward them to a central Lions facility where they are sorted and graded before being despatched to areas of need around the world. Derbyshire Dales residents have contributed around 50,000 pairs in the last 20 years.
Fire fund launched
A new fundraising initiative has been launched by the Peak District National Park Foundation. The fund will support the issuing of fire prevention messages and post-fire restoration work. A combination of hot and dry weather and an increase in visitor numbers following the easing of Covid-19 lockdown has led to a spate of fires. You can donate to the fire fund at
Back next year
Two of Tideswell's most popular events, Last Night of the Proms and Bonfire & Fireworks, have been cancelled due to the virus awareness situation. Tideswell & District Community Association's Sandra Howard said: "We are very sorry that we had to do this, but thought it unfair to everyone not to make a decision. We will be back next year with a bang of drums and the bang of rockets."
Parking problems
Wormhill has coped admirably with lockdown but the scourge of tourist parking has returned, near Millers Dale station in particular. Cars are being left on both sides of the road, making it impossible for larger agricultural vehicles to pass. The Parish Council has been making the County Council and National Park Authority aware of the dangers, asking for action.

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JUNE 2020

Bright ideas

Tideswell Wakes committee is confident that the village can still brighten up, just as if Wakes Week had not been cancelled. There are to be street and house decoration competitions. First, second and third prizes will be awarded for the best "Comedy Clothes Line". Again, three prizes for the best "Decorated Scarecrow." Would-be winners must make sure that their handiwork is visible from the road not later than Friday, June 26th. The judging will take place over that weekend.
Evens and odds
Waterswallows waste recycling centre between Wormhill and Buxton reopened on May 18th. Restrictions include distancing and long queues have been experienced. Residents are advised only to visit if they have waste that cannot be stored safely at home. No vans or trailers are permitted to enter the site. A registration numbers system has been introduced. Cars with 0, 2, 4, 6, 8 as the last number are being allowed to use the facility on even-numbered dates in the month. Those with 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 can attend on odd-numbered dates.
Churches together
Local churches remain closed. The earliest date being considered for reopening is July 4th and it is too early to predict how much access might be considered safe. Each church building presents different challenges. Reverend Simon White told The Village Voice: "We'd love to say that normal service will be resumed as soon as possible, but nobody knows yet what the new 'normal' will look like."
Community awards
Tideswell Parish Council clerk Hannah Owen is pleased that community award nominations have started to arrive. She said: "If there is someone you'd like to put forward to go on the list you can email me at It was nice for those people who received multiple nominations last year."
Recovery loan fund
Resilience and Recovery Loan Fund (RRLF) is a new emergency loan scheme to provide repayable finance to qualifying charities and social enterprises disrupted by Covid-19. Details are on

The Village Voice cannot be published at present because of coronavirus restrictions. Instead, monthly news bulletins are being emailed to those listed for electronic copies of the magazine. The above is a summary of some items in the June bulletin. To go on the mailing list please use the Response Form.

MAY 2020

Wakes Week cancelled

This year's Tideswell Wakes Week is just one more victim of coronavirus restrictions. A committee statement said: "We have waited until the latest point we can, without risking finances and the security of future Wakes events, before cancelling. We know this will be a disappointment to many, as it is ourselves. We look forward to seeing you all in 2021 when we will endeavour to put on an extra special event."
Rights of way
The Peak District National Park Authority has published an assertion that public rights of way should not be closed or blocked. There have been no changes to rights of way legislation as a result of the coronavirus measures.
Locating a defib
Championing defibrillators as it does, Tideswell & District Community Association has issued thanks to those who have raised funds and made donations to buy defibs and cases. Thanks have also been sent to the First Responders for sourcing some of these and fitting them to six locations in Tideswell. Requests for further sites information resulted in Cressbrook, Great Hucklow, Little Hucklow, Litton, Litton Mill, Millers Dale and Peak Forest being identified.
Abigail's Park
Installation of all new equipment at Abigail's Park playground in Tideswell has been completed. It is a £72,000 renovation scheme.
Since roads were freed of traffic by coronavirus stay-at-home, Derbyshire County Council has taken the opportunity to fix some potholes – 10,500 of them. The workforce, apparently, has managed to comply with social distancing while filling in the holes.

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APRIL 2020

Tideswell cares
page 3
Volunteers gathered together as the Tideswell Covid-19 Mutual Aid Group are ready to help others in Tideswell and Wheston with shopping, dog walking, food preparation, odd jobs and emotional support. Phone 07535 177201, or mail to
Might still happen page 4
Coronavirus safety considerations have led to postponement of the 10th Tideswell Food Festival, scheduled for May. Organisers will look at the feasibility of finding a late-summer date for this popular event, which also contributes any surpluses to local causes.
Seeing red page 7
Litton Parish Council is in the process of adopting the red telephone box on the village green. Ideas are being invited for how this very British icon could be put to best use.
Pride in the Peak District page 16
The Peak District National Park Authority and the National Trust have joined forces to launch #PeakDistrictProud. This aims to introduce new perspectives to challenges facing local wildlife and habitats. It will also celebrate people's access to the Peak District, dating back to 1932.
Spending your money page 24
Council Tax is about to rise, typically by 10p per week. About 70% is for Derbyshire County Council services, 12% for the Constabulary, district council 11%, Fire & Rescue 4% and parish councils 3%.

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MARCH 2020

Anniversary cover
front page
The front cover is a reproduction of page one of the very first edition of The Village Voice, published and delivered in March 1995. In newsletter format, it consisted of four black and white sides on photocopier paper.
One in hundred using Internet page 4
In The Village Voice start-up year it was estimated that only 1% of the UK population, approximately 600,000 people, could log on to the Internet. People making the headlines included Princess Diana, Cliff Richard, Eric Cantona and Frank Bruno.
Singing for the brain page 10
A new group for dementia sufferers and their carers is being formed and aims to use song as a stimulant. Sessions will be led by qualified music therapist Grace Whiting, a graduate of Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. Grace has trained with the Alzheimer's Society.
Dancing to a £200,000 tune page 16
Just five years since its formation, #Challenge Derbyshire has shot through the £1 million charity fundraising mark. An amazing £200,000 was added to the kitty at last month's annual charity ball. All funds go to Ashgate Hospicecare, Blythe House Hospicecare and Helen's Trust.
Making a start page 24
The first phase of waterproofing the roof at St John the Baptist Church in Tideswell has been completed. In addition to waterproofing, the tower needs urgent attention, there is to be complete electrical rewiring and new lighting, plus the building of toilets and a refreshments area.

This month's
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Bustling this year
front page
Research results from the official tourist board Marketing Peak District & Derbyshire point to significant and sustained tourism growth this year. The Peak District was the destination for more than 13.25 million people according to the most recently available figures. Although full 2019 statistics are not ready yet, it is anticipated that overnight holiday bookings could have increased by two-thirds. Day visitor numbers are expected to be up as well.
Gardeners to pay page 3
Derbyshire Dales district councillors have voted to stay with current waste and recycling arrangements until 2024. A significant change, however, will be the introduction of a levy for garden waste collections, effective from April next year.
Groups may be replicated page 8
Two new over-65s activity groups have been set up in Buxton. Perfectly Aged Upcycling for furniture restoration and New Age Kurling, involving indoor curling without the ice, are being run by community support charity Connex. If the groups prove successful, additional sessions could follow in Tideswell and Hope Valley.
From Time Square to Fountain Square page 19
New Yorker Adam Serper is Tideswell's new village caretaker. Adam is from Brooklyn but has spent most of his adult life in Florida. He has settled in Tideswell with wife Hazel and two teenaged children.
No to caravans page 24
Residents of Foolow have voted overwhelmingly to tell the Peak District National Park Authority that proposals to develop a local site for a caravan park should be scrapped. They said the plans would be detrimental for the village, community and landscape.

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Out of the ashes
front page
There is justification for new year optimism in Tideswell and nearby. Tenders are back for a new community hall to replace the one reduced to ashes by fire in 2015. Work should be starting shortly on a building conversion to create a new Post Office. Abigail's Park playground is undergoing a complete £82,000 makeover. The second phase of renovation of the War Memorial to create a remembrance garden is on the 2020 agenda. Historic Millers Dale railway goods station will reopen as a visitor information centre. The long-closed 12th century Old Bulls Head pub in Little Hucklow will soon be back in business. A new Neighbourhood Plan for Great Hucklow and adjacent villages is well advanced.
Jogging to the money page 3
The second annual Jingle Bell Jog in Buxton's Pavilion Gardens has raised over £11,000 for Blythe House Hospicecare. Around 450 people took part, wearing Santa Claus outfits and other fancy dress.
Glastonbury band page 5
Another first for Tideswell will be this month's appearance of Glastonbury Festival regulars RSVP Bhangra, with an infectious blend of traditional Punjabi songs and high-octane modern electric rhythms.
New members page 21
The area has two new Members of Parliament as a result of December's national elections: Sarah Dines in Derbyshire Dales and Robert Largan in High Peak.
Fresh start for the Bucks back page
Buxton FC has a new manager coach, Gary Hayward. He said: "I know the Bucks have many followers from Tideswell and close by and I want to give them plenty to smile about."

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