The Village Voice is aimed at readers living or working in and around Tideswell, and for visitors to the area. It is written as an information organ and to reflect local interests.

Content is drawn from many sources, including the Peak District national park authority; county, district and parish councils; health and social groups; clubs and societies; community leaders; and other individuals.

The Village Voice features are particularly popular. These include 'Back Page Sport', 'Business Spotlight', 'Diary', 'Health & Wellbeing' and 'Meet & Greet'.

Dialogue with readers is encouraged. There are 'Your Mail' and 'From Me To You' sections. Other opinion slots appear. You can use a feedback response form on this website. Or go to
The Village Voice on Facebook and Twitter.

When you have items that you would like considering for inclusion in the magazine – news, activity report, forthcoming event, contribution to a regular feature – contact managing editor Alan Page, via the
news@villagevoicetidza.uk address. Material will be edited to fit space and style, but very little is left out.
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