The Village Voice managing editor Alan Page updates his observations each month.

"We've had a few tentative enquiries about the vacant managing editor post, but they declined to discuss the matter once it was known no payment is involved. This is an entirely voluntary post. Telephone me on 07764 671974 or email me at alan.p@villagevoicetidza.uk and I can tell you about the considerable job satisfaction involved.

"I was poorly near the beginning of March and needed to spend a week in hospital, unable to get on with putting the magazine together. That meant our May edition was approximately one week late, with doorstep deliveries delayed until after the Easter break: couldn't be helped. Thank you to all readers who sent their good wishes for my recovery.

"What a terrific job is done by our Teamsters. The weather is improving as the year progresses, but these volunteers go out no matter what the weather is doing, taking our magazine to households and businesses throughout the area. Quite often, they bring back snippets of news.

"You can receive the magazine digitally by email: register using the
Response Form or send an email. Emailings are a couple of days before letterbox deliveries begin, usually during the last week of the month."