The Village Voice managing editor Alan Page updates his observations each month.

"As expected, the magazine item about Tideswell Co-op receiving planning permission for a new edge-of-village retail store (page 7) has attracted an abundance of comment. A majority, it would seem, is in favour of the move. The main concern surrounds the future of the Pot Market site when the Co-op doors close for the last time. I've talked to the planners who seem relaxed about it and could support another retail or catering outlet, perhaps with apartments above, or housing only. Whatever, we don't want the property standing empty, right in the centre of the village. A landscaped open space would be better than that.

"A couple of people have queried my June's page 2 note about days in the Peak District as a boy. "We thought you were a Geordie?" Yes, born and brought up near the River Tyne, but because of family circumstances I spent a goodly part of my childhood with grandparents in Sheffield. Grandad loved the Peak District and took me on walks whenever he could, I am pleased to say.

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