The Village Voice managing editor Alan Page updates his observations each month.

"I am fully appreciative of all the messages of thanks and good wishes received from residents, groups and businesses since the announcement that I intend to step down from the managing editor role, mainly for health reasons. I'll still be here up to and including the May edition, meaning I will have led the magazine for five-and-a-half years. I'm going to miss it.

"We have had a few tentative enquiries about the soon-to-be-vacant post but those concerned have wanted to know about fees or expenses. There are no fees, no expenses, just "job" satisfaction. Give me a call on 07764 671974 or email me on alan.p@villagevoicetidza.uk and I can tell you all about being managing editor.

"Having lost our deliverers for Wardlow and Wormhill, due to illness and other commitments respectively, we were ready to step in temporarily with assistance from Teamsters in other villages. Thankfully, it looks as if we're all sorted and should have newcomers to do those rounds from the March edition onwards, We still need someone for Peak Dale, however: contact Clare Street on clare.st@villagevoicetidza.uk.

"You can receive the magazine digitally by email: register using the
Response Form or send an email. Emailings are a couple of days before letterbox deliveries begin, during the last week of each month."