The Village Voice has over 30 voluntary deliverers, taking the magazine across local Peak District communities.

Magazines arrive from the printers during the penultimate week of each month and doorstep deliveries are completed by the month's end. It's a highly organised process from receipt to despatch.

Planning and management of the distribution operation is carried out by Clare Street. Pre-delivery routines involve Claire McKenzie, who also supplies Tideswell businesses with their copies, while Gerri Burton looks after arrangements for the 12 outer villages, as well as delivering in her home area. Clare, Claire and Gerri are enthusiastically and efficiently aided by
The Village Voice deliveries crew, listed below.

Cherry Atkinson • Alison Birch • Sally Bramley • Steve Elliott • Suzanne Elliott • Margaret Filer • Christine McDermott • Claire McKenzie • Jane Meredith • Mary Mooney • Alice Overton • Ged Puckett • Barbara Ryder • Maureen Schiller • Beverley Shaw • Ian Smith • Stephanie Stanyer • Julie Walker • Gillian White

Louise Bingham • Pam Brunskill • Rupert Brunskill • Gerri Burton • Nikki Hunkin • Zara Leafe • Nick Mackness • Christine McDermott • Gary Millward • Janine Morris • Ken Munns • Carole Perks • Debbie Smith • Martin Wood