The Village Voice was started in 1995 as a two-sided newsletter, delivered to parts of Tideswell by enthusiastic members of the local community association.

Down the years, slowly but very surely, it has developed into an informative, respected and in-demand monthly. The first major step was a change to A5 booklet format. It grew to between 20 and 24 pages, printed in black and white.

The Village Voice distribution has widened, taking in the whole of Tideswell, then more and more villages in the area. By now, in addition to Tideswell, coverage stretches to Cressbrook, Foolow, Great Hucklow, Little Hucklow, Litton, Litton Mill, Peak Forest, Wardlow, Wheston and Wormhill. Copies are placed in cafes, pubs, shops and holiday lets. An emailed digital version is offered.

A new managing editor took over in the latter part of 2018 and that led to accelerated change. Layouts were revamped and content expanded. Commercial printing in full colour replaced in-house mono production. Numbers were increased by around 20%, extending the circulation area.

The Village Voice today:
32 pages
~ full colour ~ 3,500+ estimated readers ~ 1,500+ circulation ~ door-by-door delivery ~ free ~ available digitally

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