The Village Voice was started in 1995 as a four-page newsletter, delivered door-to-door in Tideswell by a group of enthusiasts. Tideswell is the Peak District's largest village.

Down its 29 years, The Village Voice, independent and non-profit, has developed into an informative, respected and in-demand monthly. An early change was to A5 booklet format. The number of pages started to increase and doorstep distribution was extended to take in more villages.

Wholesale improvements were made from the start of 2019. The entire operation was restructured under a formal constitution. The look and feel of the magazine were revamped. Layouts were overhauled and content revitalised. High quality, full colour printing replaced black and white. Income sources were broadened. New volunteers became involved in the organisation.

Since, print numbers of the appealing publication have been boosted, with circulation widened to involve 14 Peak District villages and several hamlets, a delivery area of around 350 square kms. The print
distribution is 54% Tideswell, 46% neighbours. Cafés, pubs, shops and holiday lets are supplied with copies for customers. Requests to receive the magazine electronically have grown rapidly.

The Village Voice today:
32 pages full colour
~ free doorstep delivery ~ available digitally by email ~ 5,400 average issue readership (AIR)

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