The Village Voice is all about the teamwork of a small band of dedicated volunteers, combining to further this well-regarded community publication.

The non-profit monthly magazine succeeds because of a Steering Group of managing editor, advertising administrator, distribution co-ordinator and treasurer, together with packers and deliverers. Everyone who assists becomes a Member of the organisation, which has a Constitution to govern its structure, objectives and actions.

ALAN PAGE is managing editor of
The Village Voice. Having lived further north, south, offshore and nearby, Alan moved to Tideswell in 2012 and takes a keen interest in the fortunes of the village. He is a former print and broadcast journalist with graphic design qualifications who built a career as a senior executive at top advertising, public relations and marketing agencies. Semi-retired, Alan still provides marketing consultancy services.

Advertising / general administration is the responsibility of CAROLE PERKS. Income from adverts and sponsorship is the lifeblood of
The Village Voice so it is important that financial supporters are looked after in an efficient but friendly manner. Carole, whose career centred on book designing and publishing, works with her artist husband in their Tideswell studio.

DIANA WALKDEN, a performing arts charity ambassador, runs deliveries logistics. Retired teacher JUDY COOKE supervises the counting and bagging up of the magazines. Diana's husband BOB WALKDEN, a self-employed translator, ensures that
The Village Voice reaches the completion crew. There are around 25 door-to-door deliverers.

The treasurer is specialist care worker ANGELA YATES, previously advertising administrator. In that latter role Angela upwardly revised the advertising stance of
The Village Voice. She made customer liaison a priority. By adding to the size and frequency options, she improved the income stream significantly. Now, Angela is financial controller, keeping everything in check.
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